The truth in you with Tamsen, part threePart Three

It took me so long to blog the last part of that session… maybe because I don’t want it to end. I don’t want to put an end to that series of photos because it is one of my favourite series created so far. I am a bit scared I won’t be able to create something similar, something better. Creativity is strange. We fight for it, we struggle and when we are done with a project, when we finish, we are scared to start again. Because we know the process, we know it’s going to hurt.

These photos created with and for Tamsen are a memory of a difficult time for me. A time where my soul was crushed, my faith was lost and my energy was so low I could not operate properly. I remember driving to the location of the session and asking myself what I was going to do, and why I was doing this. But then, I remember the liberation of creating, the freedom of being alone with my model and my camera, feeling no pressure, no stress, no judgement. I almost forgot how rejuvenating it was for me to be able to just create.

These photos are the testimony of a battle, a struggle with my own mind and the result of a difficult but rewarding journey.

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If you are interested in a session “The truth in you”, contact me via email at info at emilieiggiotti dot com.


  • Tamsen Rae said:

    I'm no stranger to photo shoots, but I work behind the scenes. It's my job to make the model look a certain way to help bring a creative concept to life. I use makeup and hair to create a fictional character that represents the photographers vision.
    I have been in front of the camera a number of times but never felt comfortable. Either because of my insecurities or because I felt like I was pretending to be something I wasn't. This was the first shoot I took part in as a model where I felt completely myself. I wore my ordinary clothes and didn't feel like I was playing a roll. I was being photographed exactly as myself. Such a beautiful experience and so incredibly satisfying to see the images unfold to reveal something so familiar and pure. I wasn't pretending this time. It was me in those photos. Exactly as I am. And I'm grateful to have had Emilie show me that I'm beautiful. Sure I did my makeup and hair. But only as I always do. This, by far is my favorit visual portrial of who I am. Thank you, emilie. Xo

  • I've been enjoying your portraits lately..keep it up