The truth in you with Tamsen, part two

Hello there!

Time flies and we are already mid-August. My birthday was three days ago and I celebrated very simply with pizza and wine. Today, I want to share with you the second part of my lifestyle shoot with Tamsen. I decided to show you that Truth in You session in several parts because we took a lot of photos, with different outfits. Plus, I don’t want to overwhelm my readers with too many photos. There are still a lot of photos in this blog post but I tried to keep them organized. I hope you will enjoy them.

By the way, in case you did not know that already, Tamsen is a super talented make-up artist based in Montreal. I’ve worked with her a few times and she is awesome. Very professional, a total sweetheart and she is just so calm and positive on a shoot. If you need a MUA in Montreal, you should definitely check her out.

Edmonton-portrait-photographer-Emilie-Iggiotti-01 Edmonton-portrait-photographer-Emilie-Iggiotti-02 Edmonton-portrait-photographer-Emilie-Iggiotti-03

Edmonton-portrait-photographer-Emilie-Iggiotti-04 Edmonton-portrait-photographer-Emilie-Iggiotti-05 Edmonton-portrait-photographer-Emilie-Iggiotti-06 Edmonton-portrait-photographer-Emilie-Iggiotti-07 Edmonton-portrait-photographer-Emilie-Iggiotti-08 Edmonton-portrait-photographer-Emilie-Iggiotti-09 Edmonton-portrait-photographer-Emilie-Iggiotti-10 Edmonton-portrait-photographer-Emilie-Iggiotti-11 Edmonton-portrait-photographer-Emilie-Iggiotti-12 Edmonton-portrait-photographer-Emilie-Iggiotti-13 Edmonton-portrait-photographer-Emilie-Iggiotti-14 Edmonton-portrait-photographer-Emilie-Iggiotti-15 Edmonton-portrait-photographer-Emilie-Iggiotti-16 Edmonton-portrait-photographer-Emilie-Iggiotti-17 Edmonton-portrait-photographer-Emilie-Iggiotti-18 Edmonton-portrait-photographer-Emilie-Iggiotti-19 Edmonton-portrait-photographer-Emilie-Iggiotti-20 Edmonton-portrait-photographer-Emilie-Iggiotti-21 Edmonton-portrait-photographer-Emilie-Iggiotti-22 Edmonton-portrait-photographer-Emilie-Iggiotti-23 Edmonton-portrait-photographer-Emilie-Iggiotti-24 Edmonton-portrait-photographer-Emilie-Iggiotti-25

If you are interested in a session with me, please check the information about The Truth in You.