A week in Paris

A week in Paris by Edmonton travel photographer Emilie Iggiotti

While I was in France and because I am a kind of travel photographer, I decided to spend one week in Paris to enjoy the city. How can I say no to Paris? Paris is perfect for travel photography. Also, it was good to see my friends, discover new restaurants, and to just hang out in the city. If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen my Instagram stories and my photos. I did not take a lot of photos with my big camera, and I mostly used my camera phone (yes, shame on me!). But I decided to be present in the moment, rather than hidden behind a big camera.

I stayed at a super cute boutique hotel, called C.O.Q Hotel Paris. It is so cute and well decorated, I wanted to stay there forever. I also did two sessions in Paris, so stay tuned for more previews.

Here are a few pictures of Paris. I hope you like it!

les toits de Paris edmonton travel photographer window open on a street in Paris in Le Marais deluxe bedroom at COQ hotel Paris COQ hotel paris travel photographer week paris travel photographer

See you soon Paris!


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