Why I am quitting wedding photography

If you have visited my new website, you must have noticed that there are no wedding photos or wedding gallery. I did not want to make a big fuss about it but here’s the big news: I am quitting wedding photography. And you must wonder: but why? (Or, you don’t care at all and that’s totally fine). Here’s why…

When I started photography six years ago, I was blown away by this new trend who surprised the entire wedding business: lifestyle photography. I have never heard of it before, for me weddings photos were all about cheesy pictures and staged awkward pictures. But around 2006-2008, I discovered a bunch of kick-ass wedding photographers in the States… to name a few: The Image is Found, Sloan Photographers, Amelia Lyon, Our Labor of Love… I was blown away by their talent and their non cheesy wedding photos. So, when my friend Caroline challenged me to start a photography business, I knew I wanted to try this lifestyle photography thing.

And I dit it… for six years! I have never looked back and I loved every minute of this incredible journey. Sometimes, I have to pinch myself to realize that THIS was a crazy challenge. Leaving a career in law to pursue a career in photography… which crazy person does that?? Me apparently. I know a lot of people have done the same thing. It’s scary but it was worth it.

So, I have been a wedding photographer for 6 years now and as much as I loved it, I feel like I have arrived at the end of a cycle. I have been suffering from depression and anxiety these past months and the fact that I was not as passionate about weddings as I was when I started is probably one of the reasons of this period of depression. I love people, but I am not just into weddings anymore. I crave the intimacy of a portrait session, the feeling of closeness, of letting go, the deep conversations between my subject and me.

A friend asked me lately: “But you are good at weddings, why would you want to quit?” I replied: “Being good at something does not mean you have to do it your entire life.” Yes, I am a good wedding photographer, but I am ready for something else. And I know something greater is waiting for me, I just don’t know what, when and how but I just know it. It’s hard to explain it but my heart is definitely telling me to go somewhere else.

So, I am going to put it out there, to let the Universe know what my heart is telling me. It’s telling me that I would love to work more with creative people, freelancers, bloggers, brands, small companies, people who passionate about their job, fashionistas, creative agencies… if you want to collaborate with me, just send me an email.

I have a few things I want to develop and realize, and I might announce some new products soon. So, stay tuned.



  • Aurelie Chen said:

    Je vais commenter en francais, ça sera plus simple.

    moi je comprends tout à fait qu'on puisse en avoir marre et passer à autre chose. perso, je n'ai jamais été très mariage, j'en ai fait parce que ça payait mieux qu'une seance classique, que généralement niveau bouche à oreille c'est efficace (par pour moi ah...)
    je le faisais bien (en tout cas de mon mieux) et avec le sourire et tout mais je ne m'eclatais pas.

    mon truc à moi c'est la mode, helas c'est difficile et loin de paris avec 3 enfants encore plus (enfin loin, 80km mais bon faut compter 2h de route en moyenne avec les bouchons alors sur une journée c'est pas gérable si je dois déposer les enfants et etre rentrée pour eux à temps) alors comme e ne pense pas pouvoir réussir dans ce domaine meme a plus petite echelel par ici, je repars sur les particuliers avec des seances type grossesse, bebe, famille... ça me motive vraiment mais reste ce mais.... un jour surement je reviendrai a la mode.

    je te souhaite bonne chance pour tes nouveaux projets!

  • Whatever you do, you do it with passion so I am not worried for you ONE bit! Go big or go home... you'll shine!

  • Emilie said:

    Thanks for the support, my friend. xoxo