Woman portrait in Montreal

It’s not new that I love to photograph women. And I am taking advantage of my last days in Montreal to book as many as portraits sessions as possible. So, here is a new “woman portrait in Montreal”.

This is Astrik. I met her last year via a networking event that she has created 3 years ago with some friends. Les A.I.LE.S is now a larger network for women. For the past two years, I have enjoyed going to the 5 à 7 organized by Les AILES, I have met new people and I have even found new clients thanks this network. So if you are an entrepreneur, a freelancer or simply a woman who wants to meet new persons outside of your friends circle and business/work circle, I highly recommend you to join this group.

Then, a few months ago, Astrik told me that she needed some new photos for her LinkedIn. So, we booked a session and I took some photos of her. She told me I could share some photos, so here I am showing you my favorite photos of the session. And damn it, it was hard to choose.

I must say that the thing that I really enjoy seeing during a photo session is when a woman starts to let go of her fears and doubts and completely trusts me. I love seeing a woman blossom in front of my eyes and my camera, and then look at her photos and realize how gorgeous she is. People are often intimidated by a photo shoot because they think the photographer is going to make them stand in awkward positions, do weird things. Nobody wants to feel dumb or ridiculous during a photo shoot and I always make sure that the person in front of my camera is feeling good and beautiful and confident. But I can understand the struggle and the internal conversation we have in our minds. A photo shoot is not something we do often (unless you are a professional model) and stepping outside of our comfort zone is scary. So, if you plan to book a photo session, don’t worry, the photographer is here to help you and make you feel good.

I must say that I took some very classic portraits of Astrik for her social media channels. But here, I want to show you the more relaxed and laid-back photos that we did after the safe shots were done. Because if you book a photo session with a professional photographer, you’d rather take advantage of the time booked and have a little fun too. Also, can we all agree that Astrik is absolutely gorgeous? I could photographer her all day long. Enjoy!

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